Friday, 3 June 2011

New Battle: Bluefeet VS Zian

Im really, really lazy with uploading. Never feel motivated to do a new battle until like 2 days after the last upload, which is way too long. But I had this battle on a dude named Mefesto's stream. I was in the skype call and kind of battled this dude Ziam. He didn't really predict too hard and I won, so I figured
HEY! done! Off to the press!
and some intense repetitive narrations later, it's up on the interwebs for all to enjoy.


  1. its just keep on writing haha

  2. lol awesome and what's with the names.

  3. great site! great battle!

  4. nice blog and nice battles dude :D
    good work, keep it up!
    looking forward for some more intense stuff!